The rocketing market of the Aromatherapy

The rocketing market of the Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is always about essential oils and perfumes. These oils in the small bottles look so insignificant but they can do all the magic and miracles that our body, mind and spirit crave for. We all know these oils are predominantly used in beauty and wellness businesses and their miraculous effects on us. Essential oils such as lavender, peppermint, sandalwood etc are highly used and considered as the most effective ingredients when it comes to aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy has been the part of popular culture in the regions of North America, Asia-Pacific, Europe etc and we are witnessing the sudden growth in the respective field. People are inclining towards the aromatherapy, realizing its benefits. It is believed that the essential oils cure physical as well as the mental aspect of the body.

Some of the oils are advantageous in treating diseases like depression, mood swings, irritability etc. The aromatherapy market is rocketing and looks like it is going to grow and expand well in the times to come. The increase in the number of patient population which has started using essential and carrier oils for massage therapies has gone up and this has impacted the market in a tremendous way. The therapeutic properties of essential oils like boosting the immune system, fighting cold, allergies and breathing disorders, providing sound sleep and maintain a calm and relaxed environment at home are the major reasons for the rise in the usage of the essential oils.

Its quite a high time for the businesses dealing in the wellness field to expand their horizon in the sector and to provide them with this opportunity we are organising Herbal Expo in Bangkok, Thailand between 1st February to 3rd February 2019. The Expo will allow the Indian as well as International companies to exhibit their product in a new market and to collaborate for future projects.

3 Reasons people adopting natural products

3 Reasons people adopting natural products

From the past few years, we are observing that more and more people are relying on Herbal, Ayurvedic and Natural products. People are more aware and concern about their health and hence willing to pay little extra to keep it happy and safe. If you prefer those organic products over the toxic one then here is the three legit reason why to do so.


They are nature-friendly

These products are made of natural products which are free from toxic chemicals and contamination. Buying such products does not hurt the environment or nature in any way. Besides it also contribute to the manufacturers who produce such products. It also gives a sense of satisfaction and security to one’s mind.

They are free from chemical

We cannot deny the fact that chemical has become an essential part of our life. Everything we use contains some amount of chemical either its medicines, food items, detergents, textiles etc. In the world where everything is contaminated, using something natural not only secure our life but also limit our exposure to the harmful elements.

They are manually made

Most of the organic and natural products available in the market are handmade. Most of the manufacturing is done by the locals and proper attention to the cleanliness and hygiene is proffered. Purchasing such products also contributes to the country’s economy, further developing the masses involved in the business.

We believe that such industries should be encouraged so that more and more people could use natural products to ensure the health of the world. To spread the idea we are organizing a Herbal Expo in Bangkok, Thailand between  1st February to 3rd February 2019 in order to promote the companies dealing in these sectors.



Story of Ayurveda

Story of Ayurveda

Ayurveda is more than 5000 years old medicine and health system originated from the Vedic period. Ayurvedic healing is a very essential fragment of Indian culture and it’s our precious gift to the world and with the course of time, the world has realized the importance of Ayurveda.

Ayurveda understands our body and spirit in the most amazing way. It believes that everything is constituent of five elements which could be affected by external factors such as pollution, unhealthy lifestyle, stress etc. The central focus of Ayurveda is to keep mind, body and soul in a balance. We are the part of nature and Ayurveda involves natural things for healing which cause-centric, unlike conventional treatments which are a symptom-based.

We are observing that a lot of countries are adopting Ayurveda with open arms and established it as a business. According to WHO, half the world’s population lacks access to vital health services. Around 800 million people have to spend 10 per cent of their income on their health care and more than 100 million people become severely poor due to the incurred medical expenses. With the advancement in technology and frantic lifestyle, we all are living health is often ignored.

It’s high time that we profuse the world with the miracles of Ayurveda and to make that happen we should expand our rich tradition across the globe. To add a small step in this massive purpose, we the IndianHerbalExpo is organizing a Herbal, Ayurveda, Organic etc. Expo in Bangkok, Thailand between 1st to 3rd Feb 2019. Join us for the Expo by participating and promoting our opulent tradition.