Why one should see Thailand as a potential market for herbal products

Why one should see Thailand as a potential market for herbal products

We are aware of the emerging market of organic and herbal products in Asia-Pacific countries. In 2016 it was estimated that Asia-Pacific countries were leading in terms of demands for these products. Natural supplements are the new trend in the market and a cut-throat competition is going on in the market in the respective forte.

Consumers are moving towards the products which they can use for long-term with minor side effects. People ageing between 40 to 80 is more enthusiastic about these products.

The demand for natural products is proffering a new horizon for the manufacturers and Thailand is a prime market for such products. When it comes to therapies and other natural remedies, Thailand could not be excluded from the list.

Ayurveda is emerging at a rapid pace across the whole world and people are recognizing the significance of it. As per the information, people in Bangkok are not well-aware of the methods of the Ayurveda. Through Indian Herbal Expo, the manufacturer of Ayurvedic products in India will get a massive chance to expand their market. Furthermore, it will enable them to connect with fellow industry leaders as well as their prospective customers.

The expo is one of its kind, happening for the first time on such a global platform which is designed to create an impact and secure the customers there. The expo is also promoting the idea of, “Make In India” launched by the government of India.